We are open to ideas, to productive change, and to collaboration. What you get out is what you put in, and more. We believe that through continued improvement of systems and approaches, creative people and their businesses can thrive and develop. We approach projects with a KAIZEN philosophy:

we look,we learn,

we plan, we act,

we grow, we repeat.


CREATIVE CONSULTANCY _ we can help you to analyse your methodology, plan for a better future, take action and continue to analyse and grow through a simple, cyclical approach. We all have our own worlds - but how can we share them and create a brighter future for everyone. More creative jobs, better pay, less waste, more growth.

EVENT CURATION _ we run KAIZEN events; but we want to help you to run yours, and we want you to get involved in ours. YORK DESIGN WEEK is coming to York in October 2019. In association with Dog Eat Cog and United by Design. If you want to be involved, run your own exhibition or just enjoy the weekend get in touch connect@kaizenartsagency.org

KAIZEN PRESS _ coming soon

SOCIAL INNOVATION_ a better future for everyone. Place-making, community arts, social architecture, community events. JOINED UP THINKING. say hello connect@kaizenartsagency.org - creative industry socials every first Friday of the month. Grass roots cultural leaders.


  1. York Design Week 2019.

  2. Arts Gateway[s]

  3. Public Art Playscape [Research + Development].

  4. Operation Workspace

REBECCA [York]: Joining the dots to facilitate collaboration and create a sustainable future through good design. Rebecca is interested in human connectivity, place and innovation. Through continued research and practice in interdisciplinary design, Rebecca cultivates playful and meaningful content for projects with real lasting resonance.

OWEN [York]: Founder of United by Design, Owen is a graphic designer and brand consultant. UBD connect brands and their audiences through careful strategy, thoughtful design and effective collaboration. WEBSITE

RICH [York]: Richard Corrigan is an award-winning designer and illustrator, and founder of dogeatcog, a design and illustration collective in the north of England. Richard's impressive body of work has featured in industry magazines and has attracted an enviable list of clients. Always thoughtful and thought-provoking. WEBSITE

JADE [Newcastle]: Fine Artist and Print maker currently studying her MFA at Baltic, Newcastle. WEBSITE

ANNA [Nottingham]: Designer and Maker with an interest in playful and her practice stems from an interest in 'Play' as an important factor in life, not only for children. Anna designs objects that are playful and open ended, encouraging the user to embrace their curiosities. WEBSITE

If you would like to talk to us about a project or an idea please contact us via the contact form or on  +44 7752211041

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